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Bareboat  Catamaran Cruising ASA 114

Bareboat Catamaran 

Cruising Skipper




This 2 day course, designed for the graduate

of the Basic keelboat & Bareboat Cruising Skipper 

program and marked  Coastal Navigation program

or people of equivalent experience,

is designed to  expand your experience

specific to catamaran sailing for worldwide charter approval

This course touches lightly on the basics as a review

and continues on to more advanced levels of anchoring,

sail trim, use of a cruising chute, heavy weather tactics,

cruise planning and navigating passages. This level

is commonly a prerequisite to bareboat catamaran chartering.


Pre-requisites Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA101),  Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA103) certifications and Bareboat Cruising ( ASA 104) . plus Coastal Navigation Standards; First Aid with CPR Certificate and a VHF radio certificates. Private courses can couple this program to the ASA 104 program. 


Description - An advanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience. The individual can act as skipper and crew of a 30-50 foot multihull sailboat by day in coastal waters. The standard includes those skills unique to a 30-50 foot multihull.  Course is conducted as a live-aboard cruise of at least 48 hours. Knowledge of provisioning, galley operations, boat systems, auxiliary engine operation, routine maintenance procedures, advanced sail trim, coastal navigation including basic chart plotting and GPS operation, multiple-anchor mooring, docking, health & safety, emergency operations, weather interpretation, and dinghy/tender operation.


See our schedule for announced dates for some of these endorsements, you should however expect to do private tuition to suit your schedule. You select a yacht and let us do the rest. We will send you and your crew the course material . We will pick a qualified instructor for your group. Your private instructor will contact you to identify your goals and start planning your itinerary!


Advantages : Choice: You choose the dates that work the best for you and mostly sailors choose a day before the charter starts.

  • Yachts: You choose the size, type and comforts of your yacht, the charter requires a booking of 5 days and is coupled to ASA 104

  • Privacy: Your very own private Instruction for just your group, no other students

  • Destination: Your itinerary is decided by you and your group!

  • Flexibility: You can go for as long as you would like

  • Early boarding: Board at 10:00 hr on your first day

  • Easy provisioning: We can shop for you, $30 per person per day or our local Thrifty Foods can deliver straight to your boat using their online ordering service:

  • No Restrictions: You can complie an itenary and routing of your group choice 

  • Additional Costs:     Course Material: $40 per manual

  • Moorage: Averages $1.25 per foot at Marinas only

  • Fuel: Minimal - the more you sail, the less fuel you use!

  • Instructor/ Skippers: $390 per day








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