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Prepare for your Cruise and Learn


Prepare for Your Cruise and Learn


Checking out these helpful

resources from ASA to prepare

for your upcoming Cruise and

Learn lesson. These instructional

videos will give you a break down of sailing,

knots, and docking. 


Click the photo to the left to see the following knots demonstrated:

  • Bowline

  • Fast Bowline, 

  • Cleat Hitch

  • Clove Hitch

  • Coiling A Line

  • Figure Eight/Stopper Knot

  • Square/Reef Knot

  • Rolling Hitch

  • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches

Knots Made Easy

Join Duncan Hood, an ASA Certified Instructor, in this collection of sailing video tips by the American Sailing Association.

  • Learn how to trim sails,

  • heave-to,

  • use winches,

  • return to the dock,

  • and more…

Sailing Made Easy


Click the photo to the left to see the following:

  • Docking Under Power Cruising CATs

  • Docking Under Sail An Ideal Approach

  • Docking Under Power Open Water Drills 

  • Docking Under Power Departing from Dock

  • Docking Under Power Returning to Dock

Docking Made Easy

If you are interested in other helpful tips from ASA, please click the link below to find additional information in textbooks, quizzes, and apps. 

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