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Our Cruise 'n Learn vacations are a step-by-step

instructional, live-aboard program for those who

want to become competent cruising sailors or

power boaters. In a week of fun and excitement

in the Gulf Islands we can teach you how to sail,

handle a yacht and navigate safely through coastal waters.

These comprehensive packages include your boat,

instructor, course material, provisioning, bedding, and

moorage. All you bring is your desire to learn.Our

different course levels promise to challenge even the

most experienced sailors. Cruise 'n Learn courses are an

all inclusive package sold on a per/person basis.


Our scheduled courses are not the only dates,

call us for dates that best suit your schedule

Private courses are scheduled with your charter dates
























































Group pricing includes:

  • 5 nights live aboard accommodation (linens) 

  • 4PM on Sunday, Instructor carries out Orientation, you visit town, have dinner and sleep aboard

  • Instruction & course materials for the certification of your choice, recommend ASA 

  • breakfast, lunch and supper and snacks etc

  • You learn the art of sailing

    • receive your manuals in advance to review and devote the time aboard to practical sailing 

    • cooking aboard, navigator, skipper and keeping the yacht tidy.

    • learn the requirements of chartering a yacht,

    • practical navigation skills and use of appropriate App's for sailing information.

  • a few nights at anchor and at dock........ of the groups choice.

  • Return to dock on Friday around 2PM, clean up, complete exams and all documentation. 

  • Off go with some real good sailing skills and ready for your next level of training. 

  • Ask about  IPC logbook for international recognition. 

  • Should you prefer private instruction for you and crew, contact our office for private cruise and learn details


As a Sailing school, we provide the highest level of instruction, from beginner to offshore, by using the most comprehensive and modern methods of instruction, the most personable and knowledgeable instructors and the finest yachts. To ensure optimum personal attention, there is a limit to the number of students per course.  ​


We have chosen certification for international recognition, unsurpassed beginner to offshore modular workbook system, and the quality of instructors developed by the clinics. Our certification also qualifies the holder for significant insurance discounts on privately owned vessels and meets the requirements for the Canadian Coast Guard Operator Licensing Standard.

Call us - 250 656 7070

2022 Schedule 
Dates under review from June

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