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Yacht Detailing Services

We understand that when something looks good, the experience is even greater! Our Yacht Detailing Service is focused on making your yacht look like new!

Proper salt and dirt removal from the exterior surface on your boat prevents unnecessary maintenance and protects your investment  long term.

We provide a variety of washes to fit your budget:


Super Wash​​:

Includes a comprehensive wash from top to bottom – including a hull wash, canopy or dodger wash, removal of any shoe marks & rust, dinghy wash, fender and mooring line wash, water tank fill, propane check (if applicable), plexiglass clean, chamois of stainless steel and any wood work, and window cleaning.

Basic Wash:

Includes a wash from top to bottom – including a hull wash and the removal of any shoe marks.


Teak Regeneration:

If you are interested in bringing your teak back to its original beauty, we can help. Once teak cleaning has been completed you will have the choice to leave the teak in it's natural state, or have us apply a quality teak oil finish.


Waxing and Buffing:

Deck wash to ensure the surface is suitable for waxing. The application of quality wax, buffing, and finally a deck wash to remove any dust particles.


We can tailor varnishing to meet your needs with a touch up, to complete boat varnishing services. Our team will make your woodwork look beautiful.

Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repairs:

On occasion, you may experience small mishaps that can affect the appearance of your boat.  We provide full fiberglass repair and Gel Coat services.  


The main goal of winterization is to prepare the boat for long winter.  We do inside and outside cleaning preventing any mildew growth during the layover as well as providing preventative maintenance.  Our winterization package includes:


  • Comprehensive cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Wax application from waterline up.

  • Isinglass & Canopies are cleaned and properly treated.

  • All heads are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  • All interior carpets vacuumed and treated with stain protection and if necessary steam cleaning will be performed.

  • All inside and outside stainless steel, chrome and brass-polished.

  • Comprehensive cleaning of refrigerator, freezer and deck bar fridge, oven and stove, drawers, cabinets, under floorboards,   windows, portholes, blinds,  upholstery steam cleaning if needed.

  • Additional services available at your request

Spring Re-Commissioning

Once Spring is in the air, it's time to get your boat prepped for summer use.  During the pre-season detailing and waxing you can choose a variety of options on how to prepare the present your investment.



Super Interior Service

Includes full interior clean – all surfaces, compartments & trims, fridge & freezer, stove / microwave clean, full head clean - mirrors, showers, toilet, clean all windows inside & out, clean / dust blinds, clean & condition any leather & vinyl surfaces, vacuum interior carpets & mats, full laundry service, garbage and recyclables disposal, bilge and engine room clean.


Basic Interior Service

Includes light surface dusting and vacuuming.


Bimini / Tops / Upholstery

Whenever you need your canvas cleaned, washed, repaired or replaced, we can help. We offer years of experience in canvas design and manufacture.     

Products We Use

  • Yacht Multipurpose Bio-gradable multi surface cleaner

  • Yacht Grease Cleaner is designed specifically for bilge and engine cleaning

  • Yacht Vinyl Cleaner prevents the build up of mildew from all vinyl surfaces

  • Yacht Gentle Wash boat soap removes dirt but not wax

  • Yacht Isinglass Protector improves visibility and prevents premature cracking

  • Yacht Stain Remover removes shoe and other marks

  •  Yacht Metal Restorer removes rust and tarnish from all metal surfaces

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