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Coastal Skipper

Coastal  Skipper





This 5 day course, designed for the graduate

of the Day Skipper program and marked

Coastal Navigation program or people of

equivalent experience, will expand your experience

by navigating some of the stronger current passes.

This course touches lightly on the basics as a review

and continues on to more advanced levels of anchoring,

sail trim, use of a cruising chute, heavy weather tactics,

cruise planning, navigation and night passages. This

level is commonly a prerequisite to bareboat chartering.


Pre-requisites Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal

Navigation Standards; First Aid with CPR Certificate and a VHF radio certificate


Description - The holder is certified as the skipper and navigator the be responsible for the safety of his/her vessel and crew, for coastal passages within 50 miles of a safe harbor in coastal/tidal waters where navigational hazard exist day or night with good visibility competent to navigate a cruising vessel safely, in coastal/tidal waters, within 25 miles of safe harbor, by day, using charts, a hand bearing compass, GPS, and navigational aids.









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