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Yacht Charters - Rates

Jeanneau 349 - Isla
Sleeps 4-6
Jeanneau 379 - Mybo III
Sleeps 4-6
Jeanneau 389 - Ride the Wind
Sleeps 7
Beneteau 40 - Rio Dorado
Sleeps 8
Jeanneau 409 - In Moderation
Sleeps 6-8
Jeanneau 419 - Prairie Wave
Sleeps 6-8
Beneteau 41 - Chloe Marina
Sleeps 6-7
Beneteau 43 - Up Next
Sleeps 6-7
Jeanneau 439 - Clara Eve
Sleeps 6-8
Leopard 40 - Coastal Cottage
Sleeps 9
Leopard 45 - No Name
Sleeps 10
Leopard 48 - OpsMobil
Sleeps 10
Meridian 411 - Melissa Ruth
Sleeps  6

Listed rates are for 7 day, 7 night charter weeks from 10am to 10am.

Charters commence any day of the week. Pre-boarding at 4:00 PM is available for a fee. 
Rates for longer or shorter periods are available upon request.


Booking Policy

A 30% deposit is required to hold your reservation. Your contract will be emailed to you for immediate completion and submission of your resume' for our records. The final balance is due 60 days prior to your departure date. Payment can be made by email transfers, personal cheque, VISA or MasterCard. Terms may vary for longer term charters.


Damage Insurance

Cancellation Policy

With our non-refundable Yacht Damage Waiver premium, the charterer is relieved of all liability for loss or damage to the yacht and its equipment, except for loss or damage to the yacht and its equipment caused by gross negligence or wanton or wilful misuse by charterer, family, guests and agents, for which charterer may be solely liable. This coverage carries a small deductible amount.

For a sail mono-hull yacht smaller than 40ft, an insurance fee of $58/day (non-refundable) plus $1,300 (refundable) damage deposit will be charged prior to your charter. For a 40ft or larger yacht, $64 per day (non-refundable) plus a $1,600 (refundable) damage deposit will be charged.


For a sail catamaran yacht smaller than 40ft, an insurance fee of $85/day (non-refundable) plus $1,500 (refundable) damage deposit is charged. The charge for a 40ft to 50ft yacht is $95 per day (non-refundable) plus a $1,950 (refundable) damage deposit and for a 51ft or larger, $155 per day (non-refundable) plus a $3,200 (refundable) damage deposit.  


For power yachts smaller than 40ft, an insurance fee of $80/day (non-refundable) plus $1,200 (refundable) damage deposit is charged. The charge for a 40ft or larger yacht is $120 per day (non-refundable) plus a $2,100 (refundable) damage deposit.




A damage deposit is required to cover insurance deductibles. Deductibles range from $3,000 - $9,500 per boat. Payment can be made at the port of departure by MasterCard, VISA or certified cheque. Your deposit less charges is refunded within 14 days if no loss or damage occurs. Please be aware of the full company policy.





A non-refundable booking fee of $165 is applicable on all bookings.


Cancellation 3 months prior to departure = 10% administration fee.


Cancellation 3 to 2 months  prior to departure = 30% of charter fee.


Cancellation 2 months or less prior to departure = no refund

(unless we can re-schedule within a 2 month window on the same yacht, where a $450 administration fee will apply)


For charters longer than 15 days, add 30 days per additional charter week to above cancellation policy.


We recommend you purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance.



*All rates are subject to change*



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